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It doesn’t appear that there are clear numbers on this — “I would be shocked if someone had actually come up with a compendium of snow-day policies for work,” said Jerry Davis, a professor of business at the University of Michigan (he told me his daughter had spent the previous evening desperately praying for a school snow day).

What is clear, though, is that telecommuting is on the rise, and the clear implication is that just because you can’t go into the office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do work.

“There’s no real clear separation like there used to and management expert, said that this explanation is something of “a red herring.” Rather, he said, the decline of the snow day can be seen as part of a broader shift away from the policies that prevailed during a period — 1947–1973, by his estimation — that he views as a “historical anomaly that …

will not occur again in our lifetime.” During this quarter century or so, America’s heavily unionized workforce, riding the postwar boom that turned the employers.

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- A unique & updated scavenger hunt of Mo MA that highlights the latest and classic exhibits - Private room rental for registration and after hunt party - Staffing for the event Please note that admission to the museum is FREE on Friday thanks to Uniqlo.Because for most of human history, he explained, there just wasn’t much of a concept of time off.“If you want to make a comparison that is meaningful, look at the 19-century farmer, who, if there was snow and they just couldn’t work the ground, they were going to have to do something else,” he said.If you live in the snow-pummeled Northeast and still have power and internet access, do a quick poll of your friends: Among those whose offices were closed, how many of them had a bona-fide day without work today?And how many of them worked from I’m guessing very few of them actually had today “off.” Maybe they made an agreement with their bosses beforehand that they’d work from home due to the nastiness outside.

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